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Professional teeth whitening in your dentist’s Central HK office provides instant results

Professional teeth whitening services from expert Dentist in Central HK

Since dentists first developed whitening services to remove years of stains on teeth, a variety of over the counter products have sprouted up. With the invention of commercial whitening products came a bit of confusion, leaving many consumers to question the necessity of professional teeth whitening at all. The truth is we see many patients in our Central HK office who first tried whitening pastes or strips before finally realizing there is only one way to get real, lasting results: professional teeth whitening.

Hong Kong dentist Dr. Titania Tong offers professional solutions for discoloration that can provide far superior results to any products available at your local store. Although commercial options look affordable and can be easily purchased, they often produce lacklustre results that leave you either feeling dissatisfied or heading back to the store for another round of the same product. In reality, professional teeth whitening is the most affordable approach to the dramatic transformation of your smile. Dr. Tong offers two amazing teeth whitening services to meet your needs.

We want our patients to find their best smiles through the precise treatment that best suits their lifestyle. Although many people find at-home whitening with our powerful whitening solution to be effective, there are times when waiting the two weeks for full results just won’t work. In these instances, Zoom! in-office whitening is ideal. This treatment has been used worldwide for many years, and is proven safe and effective, which is why we offer it to our patients as a whitening option.

If you have a special occasion pending, an important meeting, or just want to have your best smile right now, Zoom! professional teeth whitening may be just what you need. In a single visit, years of discoloration will be removed from your smile as you sit comfortably listening to music or just relaxing. After we apply a whitening solution, we treat the teeth with specialized light to quickly deliver this substance deep into the enamel where it can break up even tough stains.

Dr. Titania Tong is a gentle, holistic dentist in Hong Kong with a strong commitment to patient care. She can help you feel confident in your smile. Contact us today for your appointment.

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