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This is a lengthy testimonial; but the details are imperative, for they attest to the brilliance and professionalism of Dr. Tong as a dental surgeon.

I have always been petrified of dentists; and after unpleasant experiences with a few dentists in HK, I felt sufficiently put off, and decided that I might be better off visiting my regular dentist in my home country whenever I head back. Unfortunately, I suffered from an infection of a root canal treated tooth a week plus ago, and was in severe pain. I was recommended to another dentist by a friend; but that visit didn’t help, and the pain persisted, with it getting worse by the day. Hesitant to have another root canal treatment done, I trawled the Internet for a holistic dentist who might help me out of my predicament.

I stumbled upon Dr. Tong’s website, and made an appointment to consult her. Her nurses readily accomodated me, and after my first consultation, I wish I had ‘found’ Dr. Tong years ago when I was in need of a dentist in HK. She was assuring and exuded professionalism; and that made me feel I was at the right place. After an examination, she explored the options with me, and explained the advantages/disadvantages of each option. I decided an extraction would be the best option, and whilst I was desperate to have the tooth removed on that day, Dr. Tong advised it would be better to wait till the infection calmed down slightly first.

I had my first dental extraction last weekend, and requested to have the periodontal ligament removed as well. Dr. Tong was extremely assuring, and made sure that I was feeling comfortable and numb locally first before she got to work. It took a while for me to experience the numbness; and Dr. Tong waited patiently for the anaesthetic to take effect. Whilst waiting, she had a nice chat with me; and that really calmed my jitters. She had me prepared in all ways – explaining how I would feel her working away, but I wouldn’t feel the pain at all. Also, she explained the possibility of a brittle dead tooth breaking whilst extracting, and what she would have to do should that happen. However, she assured me that she would extract it as a whole, to the best of her ability. The explanation did much in managing my expectations, and in a way, I was mentally prepared for the procedure. As I was psyching myself up, Dr. Tong removed the entire tooth as a whole swiftly; and in the ne xt couple of minutes, she was working on removing the ligament. It was a swift, clean and painless procedure; contrary to what I had expected.

I had my stitches removed 2 days ago, and Dr. Tong advised on the different options I had with regard to tooth replacement. She was detailed in her explanation and wasn’t pushy. She made no attempt to recommend an option over another; and I appreciated her telling me to think it through as it is a decision that can’t be made instantly. This was professionalism at its best to me, unlike my previous experiences with other dental surgeons in HK.

Dr. Tong certainly has been God-sent, and I’ll readily recommend her to friends. I’m certain to stick with her for as long as I’m in HK, and will have my little one’s set of teeth cared for by her as well.

Thank you, Dr. Tong!