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Mercury detox program now available in Central HK providing detoxification services and facilities

Dr. Titania Tong in Central HK provides a mercury detox program, and detoxification services and facilities

Any doctor knows that before you treat a condition, you must first diagnose it and identify the cause. In a comparable way, if you want to undergo detoxification and get rid of toxins in your system, you will need to fully understand the toxin you are dealing with before you can find the right detoxification method.

One of the most concerning toxins among dental patients is the toxic metal mercury. Dr. Titania Tong understands and shares her patients’ concerns about mercury, which is why she offers detoxification services and facilities to help her patients in Central, HK get started on a mercury detox program.

Why mercury testing?

Before you begin your mercury detox, it is important that you understand the level and type of mercury in your system. Without this diagnosis, there is no way to know how to best remove the mercury from your system. You wouldn’t expect a doctor to prescribe medicine without a proper diagnosis, so why should removing mercury from your system be any different?

Dr. Tong makes use of one of the most renowned mercury-testing facilities in the world, and that facility is Quicksilver laboratories. Dr. Tong will collect the samples from you and then send them to this state-of-the-art lab in the U.S. where they will be analyzed using the most comprehensive metal test in the world – the Tri-Test. The results should return within a month and will reveal not only mercury levels but also levels of other harmful metals in your system.

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The Tri-Test, as the name indicates, involves the testing of three sample materials. These materials are your hair, blood, and urine. By combining the results from each material, the test can accurately determine your body’s mercury burden. This testing is exceptional in that it does not require the use of a chelating agent (an organic compound which can bond with and help the body eliminate toxic metals) as often required in mercury tests such as challenge tests. Many experts condemn the use of chelating agents for testing in challenge tests, so the Tri-Test avoids these agents and simply tests your natural hair, blood, and urine and provides highly accurate results.

The Tri-Test will determine exactly which type of mercury is present in the body (inorganic, methyl, or ethyl mercury), how you were exposed, and how well your body can eliminate mercury naturally. All of these factors are essential in discovering exactly what you will need to do to detoxify your body and become metal-free.

Once you have your results and if a high mercury burden is present, Dr. Tong can help you find the right detoxification options to get rid of the mercury in your system.

Why mercury detox?

If you have avoided mercury fillings or had your fillings removed, you may be wondering why you still need to undergo mercury detoxification. The truth is that even if you don’t have mercury fillings, you could still have a significant mercury burden, which means that mercury could still be lurking in many parts of your body, including your brain. You may have been exposed to mercury from a number of things including metal fillings, pollution, water, and even seafood.

Unlike many other toxins, mercury works slowly and is even slower at being eliminated by the body. The purpose of mercury detoxification is to help your body purge all the remnants of harmful mercury that could be lingering in your system as quickly as possible.

Dr. Tong makes use of one of the most renowned mercury-testing facilities in the world, and that facility is Quicksilver laboratories.

Mercury that stays in a person’s body for many years has been linked to various chronic health problems such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, depression, and immune deficiencies. By detoxifying your body of mercury, you can protect your body from mercury toxicity resulting in these and other conditions.

If you are ready to start your journey toward a mercury-free life, you should call and make an appointment with Dr. Tong on 852 2810 1801  today to learn more about your testing and detox options. Dr. Tong can also discuss the option of removing any mercury amalgam fillings you may have in your teeth and replacing them with attractive tooth-colored fillings along with giving you advice on how to avoid further mercury exposure.

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