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Cosmetic dental treatment with your skilled Central HK dentist improves your quality of life

Cosmetic dental treatment from skilled dentist in Central HK

Before you head out to face the world every day, you first face yourself. With every glance at your reflection, you notice all of the aspects of your appearance that you like, and also those features that you are not pleased with. One thing that most people have in common is the impact their self-perceptions have on their level of confidence. An area our perceptions of ourselves are particularly noticeable is in our feelings about our smiles.

Dr. Titania Tong has extensive training and skill in providing individualized cosmetic dental treatment to her Central HK patients. One of the wonderful aspects of practicing cosmetic dentistry is seeing the life changes that occur for our patients. The greatest reward of enhancing the smile is feeling completely satisfied when you look in the mirror. From this point, there are many areas of life that can improve along with your level of confidence.


A winning smile is very meaningful in today’s society, where image facilitates success. Having a beautiful smile gives you several advantages in the workplace. One, according to Beall Research, is that colleagues and clients tend to think more highly of individuals with attractive smiles. In addition to that, your own level of confidence will soar when you feel better about your appearance and this new self-assurance will positively influence those with whom you interact.


Polls results from Beall Research also indicate that our various relationships are improved when our smiles are perceived as attractive. You may view your smile as an indicator of your happy emotions, but this facial feature gives others an impression of your overall character. People with gorgeous smiles are perceived as sincere, friendly, healthy, wealthy, successful, kind, intelligent, and more. By sending the right signals through your smile, your various work and social relationships can thrive.

Oral health

In many cases, tackling dental problems or even just maintaining regular cleanings does a lot for the appearance of a smile. Fixing problems such as cracks or worn down teeth not only strengthens tooth structure against decay, but also promotes natural beauty. Correcting misalignment increases the attractiveness of the smile while also eliminating tight spaces in which bacteria can collect. Lastly, studies show that people who have undergone cosmetic dental treatment tend to take excellent care of their smiles.

You can have a winning smile. Contact the office of Dr. Titania Tong to learn how.

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