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Cosmetic dental clinics like the office of Dr. Tong in Central Hong Kong repair teeth beautifully

teeth beautifully again with help from cosmetic dental procedure from Dentist in Central HK

Tooth repair is not something we have historically associated with cosmetic improvement. The primary goal of repairs like dental fillings and crowns has been to restore strength and durability to a tooth that has been weakened or injured in some way. In the evolution of dentistry, one of the changes to occur has been the inclusion of cosmetic improvement to the area of restorative dentistry. In dental clinics like the office of Dr. Titania Tong, patients from Central Hong Kong and surrounding areas can feel confident that our goal is to restore function and beauty.

Restoring health and beauty

One of the most commonly treated dental problems is cavities. In the past, the recommended treatment for this problem has been amalgam fillings. Dr. Tong is a holistic dentist who offers alternatives to this treatment. Not only is amalgam unattractive, turning from silver to very dark grey as oxidation occurs, but this common dental material also contains mercury. As a solution to cavities and other damage, Dr. Tong offers beautiful, durable composite resin restorations.

Composite resin is a material blended with BPA-free plastic and glass. This powdered mixture is shaded to match the color of surrounding tooth material. Composites are ideal for the repair of cavities and may be used to fix small cracks and chips in the most discreet way.

Successful dental care is that which is tailored to the individual patient. Composite fillings are preferred for numerous reasons and we are proud that we do not place amalgam fillings. In some cases, however, the filling is too small of a restoration to restore a damaged tooth fully to optimal strength. Very large cavities may require repair with a tooth-colored inlay or onlay, which could be described as a partial crown type of restoration. Larger amounts of damage may call for a dental crown, which will completely cover the injured tooth, protecting it from further trauma.

Tooth-colored restorations are more attractive than previously available options and they are capable of achieving long lasting results. The longevity of success with materials like composite resin and porcelain stem from similarities to enamel.

Your smile can function well and look gorgeous with tooth-colored restorations from your Hong Kong cosmetic dentist. Contact our office today to schedule your visit with Dr. Tong.

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