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HK dentist explains the best options for teeth whitening

Teeth whitening best options from Dentist in Central HK

It happens to nearly everyone. At some point, we smile into the mirror and notice that our teeth have lost their whiteness. What used to be a sparkling smile has now become dull, yellowed, or stained. It can be disheartening and can negatively impact a person’s self-esteem.

Teeth can become discolored due to the foods and beverages consumed, habits such as smoking or using chewing tobacco, or because of medical or genetic reasons. Once the teeth have become stained, changing your diet and habits will not reverse the discoloration. However, as Dr. Titania Tong, a trusted HK dentist, explains, patients have several options for getting their whiter and brighter smile back.

  • Over the counter toothpastes, gels, or whitening trays – You don’t have to spend much time in the toothpaste aisle of your local drug store to find plenty of teeth whitening products. In some cases, when the patient has minimal staining or when they’re looking for subtle change, these products can be effective. However, in other cases, they leave patients disappointed with the results or even damage the teeth.
  • In office whitening – For patients who want fast results under the care of a dental professional, in-office whitening treatments are the best choice. Using professional gel that is activated with a special light, in-office teeth whitening procedures give patients dramatic results in less than two hours. The treatment is comfortable and safe.
  • At home whitening – For those patients who want a more gradual option or who want to whiten their teeth from the comfort of their own home, Dr. Tong offers customizable trays with professional-grade whitening solution that can be used for a small period of time each day. The trays are comfortable and can be used while reading, performing light activities, resting, or watching television.

Deciding which option is right for you will depend on your unique situation, lifestyle, and budget. Dr. Tong suggests that patients in Hong Kong start with a consultation so that she can examine their teeth and explain more about the various options. Dr. Tong and her entire team are committed to helping patients achieve happy and healthy smiles and they provide this service with gentle care, expert treatments, and trusted patient relationships. To schedule an appointment, call the office of Dr. Titania Tong today.

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