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Introduction to EMF mitigation

  • What is EMF mitigation? EMF is an acronym, meaning electromagnetic frequency. It has been associated with a wide range of negative health effects, and young children are especially sensitive. Mitigation refers to reducing or removing sources of EMF.
  • According to the World Health Organization, reported EMF exposure symptoms include fatigue, nausea, depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, headaches, and loss of libido. Although there is not yet adequate research to confirm health risks, many physicians have noted marked improvement in patients suffering from these and other symptoms, as well as conditions ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s upon reducing or eliminating EMF exposure.
  • Basic EMF mitigation is a recommended preventive measure for everyone. However, compliance is usually better for people who are sensitive and experience symptoms. However, those with sensitivities may also need higher levels of mitigation.
  • A Geovital or EMF consultant can provide an engineer-level analysis of the client’s environment, including potential sources of exposure at home, in the workplace, at school, and other areas where he or she spends a significant amount of time.

Sources of EMF exposure

  • There are several types of EMF, including RF (radiofrequency) energy, magnetic fields, artificial light, dirty electricity, geopathic stress, and electrical fields.
  • RF, also known as microwave radiation, is the number one source of EMF exposure for many people. It can come from cell phones, WI-FI routers, baby monitors, laptop computers, and other devices that we use daily.
  • Anything that works with wireless technology, including Bluetooth, is emitting EMF. “Smart” technology is another word for wireless. For example, “smart meters” and “smart home” appliances produce EMF.
  • Blue light (i.e. handheld device screens), fluorescent tube lights, chargers for wireless devices, and high voltage power lines are a few examples of other EMF sources.

The steps of basic EMF mitigation

  • Remove the source – Whenever possible, removal is the best option. For example, use a landline instead of a cell phone, connect to the internet via ethernet and turn off the router’s WI-FI functionality, change out your smart meter for an analog version, and don’t use Bluetooth.
  • Increase physical distance – The amount of EMF increases dramatically with a closer physical proximity. For example, text instead of talking on your cell phone, keep the wireless router away from frequented areas of the house, and put your computer on your desk instead of your lap.
  • Reduce the duration of exposure – The longer you are exposed to EMF, the greater the impact will be. For example, turn off the router when not in use, make cell phone conversations as quick as possible, and turn everything off while you are sleeping.
  • Decrease the power of EMF – Sometimes you can’t avoid exposure, but you can decrease its intensity. For example, connect to a less powerful wireless network 3G rather than 4G or LTE, and choose a wireless router with a smaller range.
  • Shield yourself – When the above measures are inadequate, you can deflect some of the EMF energy away from your body with a physical shield. For example, cover yourself with a shielding blanket when holding your laptop, and use a shielding cover on your cell phone.

Tips for effective EMF mitigation

  • Don’t count on so-called EMF harmonizing chips. They do not actually reduce EMF, so their effectiveness cannot be measured. While some products do seem to improve symptoms, it is unknown if they actually reduce biological harm. Many experts believe that they simply mask the symptoms.
  • Get a sweeping meter but understand its limitations. There are several affordable meters on the market, though they only give very basic information. On the other hand, equipment used by building biologists and Geovital consultants is extremely sophisticated providing a plethora of detailed data. Simple, affordable meters are an excellent adjunct to – but not a replacement for – professional consultation.
  • When purchasing a shield, choose a reputable product. EMF mitigation is a developing science, and there is still much research to be done. Like most new frontiers in science and medicine, there are many companies making claims with little to no supporting evidence. Research the product or ask Dr. Tong for recommendations.
  • Prioritize mitigation in sleeping areas. Evidence suggests that EMF exposure affects melatonin and inhibits deep sleep. Try unplugging, turning off, and removing all devices from the bedroom for three nights – odds are you will feel the difference.
  • Replace earbuds with an air tube headset. Although wired headsets are better than wireless, they can carry some EMF. Air tube models, as the name suggest, carry sound through a hollow tube, without the assistance of wires or wireless energy.
  • You can use an inexpensive holiday light timer to automatically turn off your wireless router at night.
  • Put your cell phone in airplane mode to stop it from transmitting a signal should you need to use the phone as an alarm clock or use the GPS function. Make sure to switch the wifi setting off. Otherwise , the phone can still connect to wifi automatically.
  • Limit kids’ screen time, and don’t get wireless device type toys or games for little ones.

Facts you should know

  • Moving just two feet away from your cell phone will reduce EMF exposure by 90 percent.
  • Cell phones emit more radiation when trying to connect with a weak signal. When making a call with just one bar can cause as much as a 10,000-fold increase as opposed to four or five bars.
  • A one year old infant will absorb twice as much radiation as an adult with the same level of exposure.
  • Many experts believe that EMF may be a powerful carcinogen, and may also cause problems with the nervous system.
  • Preliminary research indicates that EMF exposure in the womb and early in life may lead to ADHD symptoms.
  • EMF exposure may make puberty even more difficult for teens, increasing menstrual symptoms in females and lowering testosterone in males.
  • A building biologist of Geovision consultant can help you identify sources of EMF in your home and work environments, as well as developing an effective mitigation plan.