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COVID-19 Office Safety Protocols

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COVID-19 Office Safety Protocols

These have been difficult and challenging times for all of us. The effect of the COVID-19 virus has affected all of our lives and things will need to adapt to a new normal.

We also know that, for many, there is a lingering level of anxiety and fear about contracting (CV) and that you will still want to take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family.

We feel the same way about ourselves and staff and we want you to know that we are doing everything possible to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus at our office. Because we are a Mercury Safe office we know how essential dental treatment is to overall health and we want to be able to provide you with the necessary treatment in as safe an environment as possible. Thus, we have taken the following steps to protect our patients and staff. (Please note that in protecting you, we are protecting ourselves – and in protecting ourselves we will be protecting you).

  • We will not schedule or treat any patient who exhibits any signs of CV, flu, or a cold. Travel and health declaration form will need to be filled in.
  • No staff member will come to work if they exhibit any of those symptoms.
  • Upon entering the office you will be provided with a hand sanitizer and have temperature checked.
  • We request that you provide your own facemask to be worn in reception area at all times.
  • To maximize protection do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth unless you have sanitized your hands.
  • All frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down regularly.
  • The number of people in the waiting room will be restricted. Therefore we ask that you attend your appointment alone. Exceptions are children and elderly patients. Also that you only attend at the time that you are due.
  • The dentist and all staff will wear PPE during all dental procedures.

Our high-speed suction equipment and other vacuum systems provide a barrier between the patient and staff, capturing and filtering saliva, droplets, and particles resulting from the dental procedure. These protocols are not only used for patients having their amalgam fillings removed but for all patients receiving dental treatment.

Because we are a biological practice, we also will regularly sterilize rooms with natural ozone gas which will not leave any harmful chemical residues.

The protocols and safety precautions we are taking will also maximize your protection against other harmful viruses and bacterial infections. These include hepatitis, HIV, the flu, measles, mumps, rubella, and cold. This means that our office is now safer than ever. If you have any questions please contact our office and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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