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Get a beautiful smile with modern cosmetic dentistry treatment in Central HK

modern cosmetic dentistry treatments from dentist in Central HK

Modern cosmetic dentistry is a type of service now offered in most dental offices. Dentists who want to help patients improve the look of their smiles can receive specific training to provide treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening, bonding, and full smile makeovers. The quality of the finished product, your beautiful smile, is not rooted solely in the type of cosmetic dentistry you have received, but also in the artistic abilities of your Central HK dentist. Dr. Titania Tong provides outstanding care with a focus on aesthetics and holistic philosophy.
A number of benefits come from correcting imperfections in the smile when your dentist has the extensive experience and commitment to excellence seen in Dr. Tong. In our practice, our patients receive personalized care that incorporates the latest materials and proven technologies. Most importantly, Dr. Tong begins cosmetic dental care with a thorough discussion of your goals and expectations for your smile. When you communicate the aspects of your smile that you like or dislike, it is easy for your dentist to make improvements that will leave you confident in your smile.
Various factors go into creating a beautiful, authentic smile:

  • Symmetry, each side of the smile should be a mirror image of the other.
  • Smile line, the imaginary line that spans the smile from side to side, will follow the outline of the upper teeth. Evenness in this line creates attractiveness.
  • Proportions are inherent to true beauty, and this principal is one of the most important rules in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth should relate to the spacing and size of surrounding facial features.
  • How much gum tissue shows when you smile will either support or hinder your smile. Cosmetic dental treatments can make a tooth appear longer or shorter so that the right amount of gum tissue is visible in the smile.

Specific scientific principles are key to successful cosmetic dentistry. Through the precise application of these principles, Dr. Tong can help you correct aesthetic concerns such as discoloration, too much space, chips or cracks, and more. We understand that each person is different and that smile needs can vary widely from one to another.
With Dr. Tong, your smile is treated as the unique feature that it is. Contact our office for your consultation.
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Dr. Titania Tong
Dr. Titania Tong is committed to the overall health of her patients and operates a mercury-free dental practice while adhering to the stringent guidelines of the International Academy of Oral Toxicology, of which she’s a member.

Dr. Tong completed her undergraduate studies and obtained her dental degree from the University of London - Guy's Hospital Dental School. She returned to Hong Kong in 1987, having practiced general dentistry in London for four years. She established her own clinic in 1999 and practices general dentistry, while also focusing on cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. She offers dental services for the whole family.