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Take care of your smile with a good dentist in Central, Hong Kong

Good Dentist Care in Hong Kong area

Your smile is one of the most important parts of how others perceive you, and when you take good care of your teeth, it helps you put your best foot forward no matter what situation you are in. At the dental practice of dentist, Dr. Titiana Tong in Central, Hong Kong, patients are in good hands and receive the compassionate, high-quality care they deserve. Dental services for a wide variety of needs From general to cosmetic dentistry and almost everything in between, Dr. Titania Tong can take care of a wide array of oral health needs. Dr. Tong uses a … Continue reading

Moses appliance provides relief for obstructive sleep apnea symptoms in Central, HK

Moses Appliance for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Central, HK area

Do you find yourself frequently waking up in the middle of the night? Does your bed partner complain that your snoring is keeping them awake night after night? Do you often wake up feeling unrested and suffer from fatigue during the day? You may have a common condition called obstructive sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder can have a number of negative health affects on your body, but fortunately, a simple dental treatment called the Moses appliance offered by Dr. Titania Tong in Central, HK can provide relief from your symptoms and help you get your energy and quality of life … Continue reading

Mercury detox program now available in Central HK providing detoxification services and facilities

Dr. Titania Tong in Central HK provides a mercury detox program, and detoxification services and facilities

Any doctor knows that before you treat a condition, you must first diagnose it and identify the cause. In a comparable way, if you want to undergo detoxification and get rid of toxins in your system, you will need to fully understand the toxin you are dealing with before you can find the right detoxification method. One of the most concerning toxins among dental patients is the toxic metal mercury. Dr. Titania Tong understands and shares her patients’ concerns about mercury, which is why she offers detoxification services and facilities to help her patients in Central, HK get started on … Continue reading

Dentist in Central, Hong Kong offers wide range of dental services

wide range of dental services from Dentist in Central HK

Patients in the Central, Hong Kong area seeking solutions from a quality dentist who offers a variety of dental services are encouraged to contact Dr. Titania Tong. Dr. Tong is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and is dedicated to assisting others in achieving better oral health and wellness. Services provided Dr. Titania Tong proudly offers a variety of services: Mercury free, holistic dentistry – everything performed in our practice is achieved in a biological, holistic manner without the use of materials that contain mercury for the health and safety of our patients and staff. … Continue reading

Hong Kong dentist explains the impact of dental care on your overall health

regular dental care improve overall health from Dentist in Central HK

Oral health care is critical. Not only does it lead to a happy and healthy smile, it has also been linked to the overall health and wellbeing of patients. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Titania Tong understands the link between good oral care and good health and helps to ensure that her patients have both. According to Dr. Tong, the key to good oral care is to follow the basics. While many patients understand that brushing and flossing should be a daily habit, many tend to go through the motions of brushing instead of taking the time to do it … Continue reading

Hong Kong dentist provides tips for keeping your smile sparkling

Finest Dentist in Central HK

There are many things that can spark a happy smile – a great day at work, an improved report card, a new friend, or a visit with a family member. However, if your smile isn’t as bright as it could be, you may be hesitant to show it off, no matter what the occasion. Dr. Titania Tong has helped many patients regain their confidence and show off their happiness with great smiles through professional teeth whitening services. However, maintaining those results is often up to the patient. Below, Dr. Tong offers several tips for keeping your smile bright: Decrease your … Continue reading

Central HK area dentist discusses the importance of regular dental care

importance of regular dental care from Dentist in Central HK

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is important for many reasons. First, it helps overall wellness, as many health conditions start in the mouth. Second, it helps keep your smile beautiful. Third, it helps you avoid potentially expensive restorative dental work. Just a few minutes each day practicing proper oral hygiene and twice-yearly dental visits can help you prevent cavities, avoid gum disease, and enjoy total wellness. Oral hygiene Everyone knows that they need to brush their teeth twice each day, and although they may run a toothbrush across their teeth, it’s not always with proper attention and technique. It … Continue reading

Teeth whitening dentistry services in Central HK

Teeth whitening dentistry services from Dentist in Central HK

Your smile can be one of your biggest assets. It can help you come across as friendly, helpful, happy, and smart. You want your smile to look great, but over time, teeth can become stained or discolored. Teeth whitening is one of the most common dental services we offer in our office and one that can help you make a big improvement without costing big bucks. Before beginning a professional teeth whitening program, it’s helpful to understand how teeth become stained. Tooth enamel is porous and, therefore, the color can be affected over time. Some of the most common factors … Continue reading

What to expect from a mercury free dentist in Central HK

Mercury free dentistry

Over the years, the controversy of whether to use silver mercury fillings have heightened. 50% of these fillings are of made of mercury, which can be toxic to the human body. Mercury from these fillings is constantly being released which when inhaled into the lungs, have serious health effects. Instead, patients who visit a mercury free dentist in Central HK can rest easy knowing that this poisonous substance is not used in their smiles for restoring areas of tooth decay. In our practice, we want to ensure that everything we provide for our patients is holistic and biocompatible, which includes … Continue reading

Dental services provided in Central HK

Dental Services

Many general and cosmetic procedures are available through the Central HK practice of Dr. Titania Tong, including: TMJ/TMD Treatment The temporomandibular joint can be a problematic jaw joint for many patients in Central HK. Instead of undergoing surgery or using pain medications regularly for chronic pain and discomfort, patients can visit their dentist to undergo splint or oral appliance therapy to control the issue. Root Canals When infection and inflammation occur within the tooth, patients may be in need of root canal therapy. This procedure is done to remove the dental pulp from inside of the natural tooth to eliminate … Continue reading