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Patient Testimonials

" As someone who has always been terrified of the dentist, I would not visit anyone but Dr Tong. With her calming and reassuring manner as well as high level of professionalism, the fear element has been totally removed and I have every confidence that I am in expert hands. "
Bernie Quigley
" Details of the Recommendation: "I'm impressed with Dr Tong's advanced dental facilities & equipment, her skill in ensuring that her patient is comfortable and pain free, and good followup. Highly recommending her service to those who care for mercury free dental care. "
Lynda Tan-Shen
" I was referred to Dr. Titania by a friend, whom is a long time patient. She has a very calming nature which I find reassuring, as I'm always a bit nervous. She is great with my kids too....very gentle with them, and importantly, no pain!! "
Sally Braithwaite
Central Pain Free Dentistry - Quote Left Central Pain Free Dentistry - Quote Right
Central Pain Free Dentistry - Pain Free Dentist Having empathy for patients is a very important part of a dental practice. It does not matter how old you are, there is a possibility that you may harbour anxiety over the idea of sitting in the dentist's chair. We have consulted with patients who have even avoided seeing the dentist because they felt so anxious about treatment.

It is our philosophy that no patient should dread visiting the dentist. Therefore, our team operates in ways that allow our patients to feel most comfortable during any type of treatment. We believe that any procedure can and should be tolerable and pain-free. To that end, we begin every treatment session with the application of topical anaesthetic. Dr. Titania is so light handed that patients barely feel the pinch when the local anesthetic is administered.
Dental professionals are no different than any of our patients. We, too, visit the dentist. Some of us have had substandard experiences. It is with this in mind that we approach the type of care we supply to our valued patients. Using the right amount of anaesthetic and very gentle techniques, we ensure that any treatment you receive will produce no pain, only stellar results.

We know there are those for whom local anaesthetic does not provide the level of emotional comfort that is needed for dental treatment to commence. In such instances, a patient who is feeling quite anxious about treatment can discuss options for sedation. We offer two types of sedation in our practice in order to best meet the needs of our patients.

The most common form of sedation used in dentistry today is oral sedation. Using this method, a patient simply takes one pill the night before and one pill the morning of treatment. He or she will need to arrange for a ride to and from our office, and is advised to take the rest of the day off. Oral sedatives work to slow the central nervous system, making responses to external stimulation significantly low. This allows the patient to feel calm and comfortable during treatment while remaining fully conscious. Some patients become so relaxed in the chair that they fall asleep. Perhaps one of the best things about the use of oral sedatives is that, come the following day, the patient will have no recollection of treatment.

IV sedation is also used in certain scenarios, perhaps if a patient is undergoing a more complex procedure. This form of sedation is administered by an anaesthetist who closely monitors the patient while our team is performing treatment.

Pain does not have to be associated with dental visits. To experience pain-free dentistry, contact us for your consultation.

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My Code Of Practice

Provide mercury free dentistry using a mercury safety protocol. As recommended by International Association of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT)
Holistic dentist who treats patients as a whole person to promote general well being.
I work with nutritional and detoxification specialists who will provide added advice and information on overall wellness.
I keep time. By allocating sufficient time for specific treatments will ensure a job well done and patient never feel rushed.


Dr. Tong Reviewed by
Shona Murray
Having recently undergone major orthognathic surgery followed by orthodontic treatment, I am currently consulting Dr Tong with regard to the final stage of my bite correction. Dr Tong has taken time to present to me the various treatment options, each designed to give optimum results in the most cost effective manner. After many consultations, she continues to be committed to achieving my desired functional and cosmetic results and I have no hesitation in recommending her services for all manner of dental treatment.