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Periodontal (gum) disease

Patient Testimonials

" Calm, gentle, and caring are three words I would use to describe Dr Titania. Shortly after moving to Hong Kong, I developed mild /moderate gum disease which I discovered was induced not by neglect but dehydration from medication that I have been taking for many years now and needed someone who specialized in this area. I sought out a dentist that could match the care I had received from my UK practitioner.

Suffice to say, Dr. Titania turned around my gum issues, within a year and has helped me understand the condition. What I like about her is she always takes time to answer my questions. Add to that I have never had any discomfort or pain during the procedures. Being in a dentist chair never bothers me anyway, so I can imagine for someone who is nervous or uncomfortable would be in good hands.

To sum up my experience at her surgery, I would say everyone there is professional, courteous and helpful. It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for her as I feel I have not only found a great dentist whom I can trust, but I have also met someone whom I can call a friend. "
Marilyn Prescott
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Our philosophy of dentistry revolves around whole health. Your mouth is not an independent entity. It is part or a greater being that is you; and the condition of your mouth can have a dramatic effect on your physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Periodontal disease is an excellent example of how closely intertwined oral health and whole health are.

This condition is a localized infection, and the problems that it causes were once believed to be confined to the oral cavity. As inflamed gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, roots are exposed. Because they lack the hard layer of enamel that protects the upper portion, cavities ensue. Without treatment the damage progresses to bone loss, which, in turn, causes the teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. This alone should be a sufficient reason to take periodontal disease seriously, but the damage does not stop there.
Naturally, your own immune system wages war on the infection. Over time, the effects of that war take a toll on your body. Potential risks of uncontrolled periodontal disease include:
  • Severe stress on your immune system
  • Increase your risk of heart attack
  • Increase your risk of stroke
  • Reduce your natural immunity to other infections
  • Exacerbate respiratory disease
  • Inhibit healthy digestion

Poor oral hygiene allows plaque and tartar to accumulate, creating a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. If you neglect your mouth, you are certainly inviting cavities and gum disease. However, contrary to popular belief, good hygiene isn't always enough to prevent gum disease; it is not necessarily the patient's fault. Many people are surprised to learn that factors such as diabetes, poor nutrition, smoking, and certain prescription drugs can increase their risk of gum disease.

We begin with an examination and review of your medical history. We want to understand, and help you understand, your oral health. Nutritional guidance, patient education, and dental care that is customized to your individual needs, is the best foundation for preventive or restorative treatment. From there, we will work with you to devise a comprehensive treatment plan to restore and maintain optimal health.

Dentistry is not about teeth, or even gums. It is about people, and we are here to help you. Call 852 2810 1801 and schedule your appointment today.

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My Code Of Practice

Provide mercury free dentistry using a mercury safety protocol. As recommended by International Association of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT)
Holistic dentist who treats patients as a whole person to promote general well being.
I work with nutritional and detoxification specialists who will provide added advice and information on overall wellness.
I keep time. By allocating sufficient time for specific treatments will ensure a job well done and patient never feel rushed.


Dr. Tong Reviewed by
Shona Murray
Having recently undergone major orthognathic surgery followed by orthodontic treatment, I am currently consulting Dr Tong with regard to the final stage of my bite correction. Dr Tong has taken time to present to me the various treatment options, each designed to give optimum results in the most cost effective manner. After many consultations, she continues to be committed to achieving my desired functional and cosmetic results and I have no hesitation in recommending her services for all manner of dental treatment.